Fleur Ravensbergen:
Empathy in the political dialogue


“Empathy at its core is about allowing yourself to recognize the human being in the others, no matter who they are.”

Fleur Ravensbergen is a mediator in armed conflict. She is the Assistant Director and co-founder of the Dialogue Advisory Group (DAG), an Amsterdam-based NGO that facilitates political dialogue to reduce violence. Since 2008, she engages armed actors in dialogue, with the aim to convince them to give up or reduce the violence they commit. She heads delegations, facilitates mediations with armed groups, negotiates terms of deals, frequently travels to conflict areas and has been involved in two disarmaments. She has worked in Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Northern Ireland and the Basque Country amongst other places. From 2011-2017 she was the coordinator of the International Verification Commission (IVC) that verified the end of violence by ETA in the Basque Country. This role ended with the IVCs involvement of the disarmament of ETA in April of 2017. In addition to her work at DAG lectures periodically at University of Amsterdam, and appears in the media and public events to speak about her work.