Jeanne Liedtka "Experimentation: From Imagination to Reality"

Meet Jeanne Liedtka: leading expert in DesignThinking, author and professor of business administration at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. Within her work, Liedtka explores the potential of design thinking to enhance our capacity for cultivating inclusive strategic conversations on organisational futures and innovation.

“Design thinking is an approach to solving problems especially suited to conditions of high uncertainty.”

Jeanne Liedtka

In relation to her newly published “Experimentation Fieldbook”, Liedtka will share her mastery on experimentation as an essential part of the Innovation process.


Experimentation is the link between generating new ideas and putting them into practice. We are constantly experimenting in our daily lives, and organizations place great value on testing new products, services, and strategies. Yet there is a shortage of actionable guidance on how to design and execute high-quality experiments for practical purposes. Jeanne Liedtka’s talk will provide a vital toolkit for all problem solvers and innovators seeking to address these pressing challenges.


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