Willem Stortelder "Love, Fear & Pregnancy"

If you’re here at this conference, it’s because you’re eager to conceive fresh insights, ideas, or plans. This final segment of our gathering is geared towards helping you nurture and bring these concepts to fruition in the upcoming year(s). Remember, whether you’re ready or not, nature has a way of pushing you forward! Leading this process is Willem Stortelder, an experienced figure in birthing various initiatives, products, and services. He’s not just a keynote speaker in 20 countries on diverse topics; he’s also eagerly anticipating the birth of new projects himself.

“Have you ever experienced what it means to walk into someone else’s shoes, I mean literally?”

Nicolette Wever

About the speaker

Meet Willem Stortelder, speaker and moderator on creation, innovation and change for over twenty years in more than twenty countries. Willem’s personal creative flair shines through in his highly interactive and ever-evolving training and facilitation sessions. Coupled with his enthusiasm, creative nature, and sense of humor, his approach stimulates creativity in others.


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