Esther Thole: No life without empathy?


“No empathy without life, but is there life without empathy?”

Esther is a freelance science journalist and writer, with a particular interest in the chemistry of living and life-like systems, the chemical origins of life and the transformation of molecular interactions to the macroscopic effects that we encounter in everyday life. She is editor at NEMO Kennislink (visit here), which is the leading, free Dutch online news resource on science and technology and she is a regular contributor to various magazines that focus on chemistry and life sciences. Esther is the author of “Makers van leven: Hoe wetenschappers leven bouwen in het lab” (‘Making life: How scientists build life in the lab’, currently only in Dutch) (2018, Maven Publishing) – a popular science book on why and how scientists are probing deeper into the molecular essence of life by trying to create living systems from scratch.