Guy van Liemt: The Inspirational Power of Purpose & Happiness


The start of an adventure is bright and exciting. Everybody is curious what is going to happen. The best moment to talk about happiness. Guy van Liemt will let you experience the concept of happiness. What is happiness, are there different kinds of happiness and can you measure happiness? And, what is the relationship between happiness and marketing?

The second important topic in Guys stage, related to happiness, marketing and business strategy, will be the concept of purpose. More and more organizations are (re)discovering the inspirational power of purpose – a higher purpose, the meaning of things, making an impact and making a difference. Is a higher purpose only relevant for start-ups or is it also applicable to incumbents? And, what is the relevance of purpose to other stakeholders: to customers, to employees, to shareholders, to society?

At the end of this stage you are more than ready to continue this Design Thinking adventure.


Guy is a thought leader on the transformation of businesses and executive director of Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organization (EHERO), part of the Erasmus School of Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.