Hans Looijen: Empathy is not enough, sometimes I wish I could be my patients


“Empathy is not enough. Sometimes I wish I could be my patients, so I would experience exactly what they are experiencing.”
– Oliver Sacks (1933 – 2015) 
Hans Looijen (1964) studied Museology in Amsterdam and Oaxaca (Mexico). Social engagement turned out to be connecting the career dots. Bridging culture and social issues is key. For over a decade he led a concept and design studio for museums and 3d information environments. After organizing the merger between Energetica and Nemo (both in Amsterdam)  he took the role of Director of Museum of the Mind (Dolhuys, Haarlem, since 2008 | Outsider Art., Amsterdam since 2016). Both locations welcome about 200.000 visitors per year. The location Haarlem is completely renewed (fall 2020).