Deborah Nas

Deborah is a technology enthusiast, professor, keynote speaker and active participant in the tech innovation space. Being an entrepreneur, consultant and non-executive board member, she knows what it takes to make innovation happen.

From her earliest days, she has been fascinated by new technologies and how they change our lives. Deborah loves sharing her knowledge on why some people embrace technology and others resist it, and shows us what we can do to apply technology in a meaningful way.

Johanna Lundqvist

Johanna Lundqvist is fascinated by life, and the changes it brings. As an artist, she blends nature and fantasy into creations that are sometimes whimsical, and sometimes spookily unsettling. And as a highly qualified nurse, she has accompanied thousands of remarkable individuals through illness, insanity, and even into death.

Throughout her career, she has aimed to support people who are in a state of change. In this session, she will take us on a journey of empathy towards ourselves and others, and focus on one change in particular that we all will face – our own death. “

Adam Lawrence

Adam Lawrence

“Empathy is often uncomfortable, but it’s worth it.”

Adam is the cofounder of WorkPlayExperience, a company which helps organisations worldwide change how their staff, partners and customers work together to discover and create value. His background ranges from psychology, marketing, and product innovation to professional theater and stand-up comedy. Adam is fascinated by human interaction; so at WPX he focusses on the “front stage” of services, and how groups of people from different backgrounds can work together effectively while having a great time. He has developed and adapted several theatrical tools and lenses and introduced them to the world of service design and facilitation.

Adam is a co-author of This is Service Design Doing, the new handbook of practical design thinking which was published by O’Reilly in January 2018.

In 2010, Adam co-initiated the award winning Global Service Jam–which was soon followed by the Global Sustainability Jam and the Global GovJam–and has been a leading figure in establishing the global community of practice and sharing around the Jams. He also teaches and gives keynotes on service design and human centered innovation all over the world and is Adjunct Professor for Service Design Thinking at the world-leading IE Business School in Madrid. Adam lives in southern Germany, enjoys nature and medieval re-creation, and rides a classic Japanese motorcycle.

Dorte Nielsen: Enhancing your ability to see connections enhances your creativity


“Highly creative people are good at seeing connections. By enhancing your ability to see connections, you can enhance your creativity.”

Dorte Nielsen has been teaching and researching creative thinking at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, where she founded the Creative Communication education, a bachelor degree programme for art directors and conceptual thinkers.
After her success training creativity at university level, she took her uniquely effective creativity curriculum to primary schools. Dorte Nielsen is the author of eight books and numerous articles on creativity and creative thinking.

Dorte Nielsen is the founder of FourSight Denmark and hold the position of Chairman of Creative Circle, the Danish society for the creative industries, which holds the biggest creative award show in Scandinavia, celebrating creative excellence.


Aglaia Bouma: Think over, through or up what the other thinks about, out or better of


“Think over, through or up what the other thinks about, out or better of.”

Aglaia Bouma is the author of two Dutch novels and several short stories published in literary journals and anthologies. As an entomologist she enjoys photographing and filming insects up-close to share her fascination with these animals. Currently she’s working on a second book about the wonderful world of insects, after her first ‘Insectenrijk’.

Ramon Vullings: Hang out with more people who do NOT do what you do…


“Hang out with more people who do NOT do what you do…”
Ramon Vullings is an engaging keynote speaker, author, cross-industry expert & ideaDJ
Ramon speaks about bringing the outside world in and why remixing of ideas cross-sector is a smart strategy in this digital era. Ramon helps business leaders with strategies, tools & skills to look beyond the borders of their domain to transform their business in a smarter way.
His latest book: ‘Great Leaders Mix and Match’ focusses on how future-fit leaders can make more beautiful and impactful combinations. He does this for organisations such as NASA, Rabobank, Nike, TEDx, Siemens, PwC, FloraHolland, AB InBev, Deutsche Telekom & Audi.
Ramon’s speaking style is charismatic, passionate and interactive. As one of the most engaging speakers in the world, Ramon grabs any audience with a combination of research, visuals, humor, stories and practical business tools.
Described by clients as ‘electrifying and passionate speaker’.

Hans Looijen: Empathy is not enough, sometimes I wish I could be my patients


“Empathy is not enough. Sometimes I wish I could be my patients, so I would experience exactly what they are experiencing.”
– Oliver Sacks (1933 – 2015) 
Hans Looijen (1964) studied Museology in Amsterdam and Oaxaca (Mexico). Social engagement turned out to be connecting the career dots. Bridging culture and social issues is key. For over a decade he led a concept and design studio for museums and 3d information environments. After organizing the merger between Energetica and Nemo (both in Amsterdam)  he took the role of Director of Museum of the Mind (Dolhuys, Haarlem, since 2008 | Outsider Art., Amsterdam since 2016). Both locations welcome about 200.000 visitors per year. The location Haarlem is completely renewed (fall 2020).

Katelijne De Vuyst: Translating a book (or a poem) is living in the head of its author


“Translating a book (or a poem) is living in the head of its author.”

Katelijne studied Roman Philology. She taught French for seven years, kept an art gallery for four years and decided in the nineties that it was time to do something totally different. Being fond of literature, she obtained a degree in literary translation. She likes to alternate prose with poetry for it are two distinct disciplines, you could compare it to running a marathon or a hundred metre race. She translated poetry of – amongst others – Louis Aragon, Mina Loy, Anne Sexton, Dylan Thomas, Patty Smith and novels of Olivier Rolin, Emmanuel Carrère, Barbey d’Aurevilly, and of the Belgian authors Georges Eekhoud and Caroline Lamarche… She is currently hosting the advisory committee Poetry at Flanders Literature, and she’s one of the editors of the Flemish poetry magazine Poëziekrant. In January, she translated The Hill We Climb, Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem for Joe Biden, way before the row broke out in the Netherlands. This was noticed by Jeroen, and it’s one of the reasons why she’s participating at the Design Thinking Conference. Looking through different eyes has become her lifestyle, and for the time of the translation, she’s almost literally living in the head of her authors.

Marjolein van der Kruk: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”
– The Little Prince, A. de St. Exupéry

Emotions are data, do your self-research!

The primer fundamental skill of Emotional Intelligence is emotional self-awareness, understanding your own emotions. That is what we will focus on in this workshop. We will debunk the myth of positive and negative emotions and dive deep into the sea of 72 emotions. Also, we will explore the concept that ‘emotions are data’ and learn how to decode these data to understand what our emotions are telling us. You will walk away with an easy to use tool to build your emotional literacy and (self)-empathy skills.

Adela Cristea: Change is not about breaking things


“Change is not about breaking things. It’s about using your empathy and creativity to make things better.”

Game changer. Stepping into our future

Our world is changing faster than ever. Quite often we fear the change and resist it, instead of leading it. We fear the unknown, the uncomfortable, the unsafe. We fear the future, because it embodies all of those. But what if we shift our perspective on “Change”? What if we could know more about what the future will require of us, so that we can better prepare for it? In this workshop we will experience how to transform Change from enemy to friend. We will also find out more about the skills that will help us successfully navigate the world of the future (Empathy, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity) and we will start exercising them.