Ellis Bartholomeus

In 1999, Ellis designed here first game for learning for the magazine for samsam about global citizenship, etc. Since then, Ellis co-created over 75 playful, educational and behaviour changing tools for impact, wrote a book about play and is perpetually curious about motivation. Now, she’s coming to Design Thinking Conference for a breakout session titled “Gratification –  what makes you tick and what not?”. Are you in?

Alwin Put

Alwin is an Author, Facilitator, Design Strategist and Trainer of Design Thinking. Drawing from his extensive experience, he authored the book Captains of Leadership, in which he explains the facilitating role of the leader in modern organization.

‘A session that demystifies the power of breathing and offers very simple, but very effective, breathing techniques you can try at home and in your working environment.

Our intention is to equip you, even empower you, with tools that can change the way you connect and lead people in workshops and meetings forever. Just by managing your state.’

Ilonka Coenraad

Ilonka has extensive knowledge of healthcare and developments in the field of e-health. She’s also an entrepreneur with an eye for social opportunities in the field of collaboration and innovation. Ilonka believes in a human-centered economy and she’s a speaker on design thinking in healthcare and patient journeys.

Yuen Yen Tsai

Friends & Frictions

Yuen Yen is a facilitator for interactive sessions and design thinking and always tagging play along as the vehicle to learn. And playing with friends is a wonderful learning activity. WednesdayWebJam, an online design thinking community, was created in this way. For Yuen Yen, many mini-projects and client work started with building friendships.

Let’s explore how friendship evolves when friends decide to do business together. Yuen Yen facilitates a small business game to play together. Let’s try to ride the waves of friendship.

Julie Harris

Julie is a pyromaniac. Everything she does is about intentionally sparking people, ideas, and solutions.
For 27 years, she’s worked with policy advisors, educators, economists, researchers, and changemakers from around the world, all dedicated to designing and implementing better policies for better lives. She’s designed and facilitated sprints and workshops facilitated hackathons and run online communities with the OECD, an intergovernmental organization based in Paris, among others.
In this session, Julie will invite you to leave your bubble, travel to another universe and practice using your eyes, ears and mouths, one power at a time. Finally, you will act.

Daryl Lim

Simply stirring for the sake of stirring is not going to be of use for growth – like a seesaw.
This skill of S*** Stirring requires the intentional stirring of emotional spaces and mental spaces to explore new spaces for growth.
Discover a few ways of how you might be able to stir out some spaces for creativity to happen.After all, what’s the worse that can happen? It’s only happening in the beholder of the moment.

Katarzyna Młynarczyk

Katarzyna Mlynarczyk is the Service Design Lead, Experienced and Creative Facilitator, co-founder of the leading innovation and digital ESG company Socjomania and co-founder of circular economy startup Rebread. She is also Accredited Service Design Master (Service Design Network) and international service design expert with MBA (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki).
The world is changing, needs resilience, but also new approach to find solutions to problems. How to design solutions to wicked problems? In this session we will perform differently to change the status quo simultanouesly maintaining sustainability and circularity as a keywords for the future.

Vitas Kerbergen

Vitas Kersbergen is an innovator, design thinker and startup mentor. While working with teams and startups to discover new value propositions, he noticed that the focus of value if often limited to the direct customer, and that business models are not always based on broader values a service or product brings. The current toolset does not invite exploring alternative views or creating options. Exploring and discovering those alternatives means that we can arrive at something new, that works better. During this value discovery session, we will dive into value. What is it? And to whom?

Hugo Gonçalves

Empathy is one of the first stages of Design Thinking, where we deliberately do our best to understand people’s pains & gains. Those will prompt insights and points of view that will trigger the process of ideation and imagining new possibilities.

But for us to be aware of Others, we need to be aware of Ourselves – how we function as professionals, what are our resources and gaps and how they can be synchronized for our development as professionals.

A Design Thinker is a facilitator, a motivator, and a mediator of ideas, emotions, perspectives, and beliefs. For that, we need all the Awareness about Ourselves we can get in order to fulfill the roles described above.

That will be the Purpose of Hugo’s Breakout Session at Design Thinking Conference, called “The Inner Empathy”!