Timon Krause

Born in Germany, trained in New Zealand and now based in Amsterdam, Timon has travelled the world with his show. Apart from reading other people’s minds as a mentalist, the young philosopher and author shares his own thoughts regularly through lectures (TedXFryslan // TedXAmsterdam), workshops and in his publications.

Giving magic has been Timon Krause’s life-long passion. He published his first book on mentalism at 16 years of age. Amongst other prizes, he was the youngest performer awarded the title of “Best European Mentalist”. He also took home the trophy of the US hit show Fool Us.

Timon is regularly on tour with his mentalism show, mostly in Germany and the
Netherlands. From time to time, you can see him on the television, hear him on the radio or learn from him through one of his books.

Deborah Nas

Deborah is a technology enthusiast, professor, keynote speaker and active participant in the tech innovation space. Being an entrepreneur, consultant and non-executive board member, she knows what it takes to make innovation happen.

From her earliest days, she has been fascinated by new technologies and how they change our lives. Deborah loves sharing her knowledge on why some people embrace technology and others resist it, and shows us what we can do to apply technology in a meaningful way.

Johanna Lundqvist

Johanna Lundqvist is fascinated by life, and the changes it brings. As an artist, she blends nature and fantasy into creations that are sometimes whimsical, and sometimes spookily unsettling. And as a highly qualified nurse, she has accompanied thousands of remarkable individuals through illness, insanity, and even into death.

Throughout her career, she has aimed to support people who are in a state of change. In this session, she will take us on a journey of empathy towards ourselves and others, and focus on one change in particular that we all will face – our own death. “

Adam Lawrence

Adam Lawrence

“Empathy is often uncomfortable, but it’s worth it.”

Adam is the cofounder of WorkPlayExperience, a company which helps organisations worldwide change how their staff, partners and customers work together to discover and create value. His background ranges from psychology, marketing, and product innovation to professional theater and stand-up comedy. Adam is fascinated by human interaction; so at WPX he focusses on the “front stage” of services, and how groups of people from different backgrounds can work together effectively while having a great time. He has developed and adapted several theatrical tools and lenses and introduced them to the world of service design and facilitation.

Adam is a co-author of This is Service Design Doing, the new handbook of practical design thinking which was published by O’Reilly in January 2018.

In 2010, Adam co-initiated the award winning Global Service Jam–which was soon followed by the Global Sustainability Jam and the Global GovJam–and has been a leading figure in establishing the global community of practice and sharing around the Jams. He also teaches and gives keynotes on service design and human centered innovation all over the world and is Adjunct Professor for Service Design Thinking at the world-leading IE Business School in Madrid. Adam lives in southern Germany, enjoys nature and medieval re-creation, and rides a classic Japanese motorcycle.

Cyriel Kortleven

“Making Change Simple”

For more than 20 years, Cyriel Kortleven has been inspiring organisations like IKEA, NASA and Unilever to approach change with courage, confidence and enthusiasm. His pragmatic advice has earned him the nickname The Simplifier. In an increasingly complex world, we need new simple perspectives to enable us to navigate uncertainty and to turn problems into opportunities.

Be ready for practical tips & tools to help you as a leader drive behavioural change. You will be armed with new language and a boost of energy to transform the fear of change into a positive attitude towards the goals you want to achieve. Cyriel uses interaction and humour to create a context where people think and feel differently to reignite their appetite for creativity, taking risks and achieving ambitious results. Don’t mind the change. Change your Mind.